Top 25 Anthocyanin Rich Superfoods And Why You Should Eat Them

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16. Sweet Cherries: 177 mg

17. Strawberries: 69 mg

18. Cranberries: 91 mg

19. Black Plums: 82 mg

20. Red Cabbage: 113 mg

21. Raspberries: 116 mg

22. Pink Grapefruit: 200 mg

23. Red Radishes: 116 mg

24. Pomegranates: 92 mg (varies greatly)

25. Asparagus (purple variety): 205 mg

Of course there are many other foods that contain anthocyanins, such as black beans, peaches, kidney beans, and bananas, but the list above are the foods which are known to contain the highest levels of this health-improving antioxidant.

You might have heard that saliva breaks down many anthocyanins, at least in part, thus reducing their potential health benefits. This might be true of some foods but there have still been numerous studies that have found large amounts of very important health benefits for those who eat a diet rich in foods that contain anthocyanins.


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