Top 25 Resolutions For Those With Chronic Illnesses In 2016

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7. Don’t feel depressed about not being able to do what healthy people do.

8. Don’t feel as if you must be “Superman” or “Wonder Woman.” If you need to say NO, don’t feel guilty about it!

9. Set a goal, no matter how small, and take baby steps so that you can accomplish it.

10. Be more understanding of judgmental people who think they know more about your disease than you do.

11. Get involved in awareness campaigns or treatment fundraisers.

12. Don’t feel as if you need to explain to everyone what you are going through every single day. Simply say you can’t do something, and leave it at that.

13. Accept that fact that sometimes life is tough, but that you are infinitely tougher.

14. Sometimes, turn life around: Do the fun stuff first and chores later.

15. Laugh as much as possible. Yes, even at yourself.

16. Remember that asking for help or special accommodations is NOT a sign of weakness.

17. Enjoy days when you are feeling almost normal. Cherish those days! Write down how it feels and when you feel really terrible, read back on those days and remember.

18. Pick your battles carefully.

19. Let go of unnecessary things that are a burden.

20. Remember that others also suffer from diseases or problems, some of which we cannot see. Be kind and reach out to others who are also suffering.

21. Help those who are even less fortunate than you.

22. You might have a chronic disease, but you don’t have to put up with chronically negative people, places or situations.

23. If you can, try to get out of the house for something other than treatments! Even if it is just sitting in your front yard looking at the passing traffic.


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24. Get whatever exercise your body will allow. Even lifting light weight while sitting in a chair is still exercise.

25. When you see others who appear to have a great life, remember that everything is not as it appears. Everyone has problems. Love your life and love yourself.


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