Top 5 Signs You Might Have a Food Allergy or Sensitivity

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Many people affected with Lyme disease often see several doctors, searching for an explanation of their symptoms; joint aches, muscle pains, headaches, memory problem, even sleep disorders. They are frequently misdiagnosed. Many symptoms of Lyme disease are caused by the inflammatory molecules in the body. These same molecules are also produced when we eat foods that we are extremely sensitive to, or have an allergy to.

An allergic reaction to certain foods can affect the respiratory tract, the skin, the gastrointestinal tract, even the cardiovascular system. Reactions can be either mild or severe, or anything in between. Symptoms usually appear within minutes, although sometimes it can be several hours.

The top 5 signs you might be having a bad reaction to some of your foods are:


1. Soon after eating, you feel tired or begin yawning continually

If you feel anxious, shaky, or dizzy, perhaps even to the point where you think you might pass out, or just an overwhelming feeling that you need a nap, this is often a sign that you are hypoglycemic.

Although not an allergy, it’s still a negative reaction to food(s).

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