Top Reasons You Must Drink More Kombucha

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1. Immunity

One of the strongest suppressors of your immune system is oxidative stress. The high levels of Vitamin C in kombucha support your immune system, while the antioxidants protect you from cell damage, inflammatory diseases, and tumors. A healthy immune system will greatly increase your chances of skipping the flu this winter.


2. Digestive Problems

Many prescription drugs and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are toxic to your gut flora. This can lead to ulcers. One popular NSAID, Indomethacin, can even stop blood circulation to the mucous membrane of your stomach’s lining. In studies, kombucha has been shown to heal gastric ulcers. This is because the fermented tea protects the mucin content of your stomach. Kombucha is high in antioxidants as well, which protect your gut lining. In fact, this fermented tea has been found in studies to be just as effective in healing ulcers as the prescription drug omeprazole.


3. Super Energy

Black tea contains a good amount of iron, and kombucha releases this iron from the tea. Iron increases the levels of hemoglobin, which improves oxygen flow to the body. This will also improve your body’s absorption of other types of iron, especially those that don’t come from plant-based sources.


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4. High Blood Pressure

Those who suffer from hypertension know that it often causes dizzy spells and headaches. Kombucha has been shown to prevent those headaches and the dizziness that accompanies this condition.


5. Liver Function

In studies done with animals, kombucha was shown to protect liver toxicity from overdoses of Tylenol. Scientists suggest that this might also work with humans as well for protecting the liver from various toxic substances. Find out one herb that can restore your liver.

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