Valentine’s Day Preparations: 8 Foods Which Can Kill Your Libido

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5. Processed meats

Deli meats, which are often processed, are usually wrapped in PVC or polyvinyl chloride. This in turn can leak into fatty foods such as processed meats and cause hormone disruption. Not only that, but the meat itself is often pumped full of synthetic hormones and antibiotics, much like cheese, which do no good at all for your libido or overall health.


6. Mint

Mint is the key to fresh breath and many of us chew gum before going on a date or meeting up with our belle or beau. But stop right there! Why? Because despite its freshness, the menthol mint interferes with hormone levels, and particularly testosterone, lowering the levels of it in your body.


7. Soy products

Soy is in nearly everything we eat these days in the form of emulsifiers, and many people wisely opt for soy options over traditional dairy ones. But eating too much of these plant-based soy products can have an unusual effect all of their own. This is because soy is a plant that contains phytoestrogens. They mimic the same female hormone produced by women to cause the development of secondary sex characteristics. Eating too many of these phytoestrogens could disrupt hormone balance in both men and women depressing libido across the board. High levels of soy are found in soy milk, edamame, tofu snacks, and most vegetarian meat alternatives.

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