Vitamin Deficiency And Mental Illness: Is There A Link?

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B12 and Mental Health

One of the more recent studies took into account the levels of B12 in the brains of several subjects who had mental illness. This study was one of the first of its kind to specifically look at the role of B12 and the amount of B12 in the brains of these patients. The results were astounding, showing that in nearly all patients studied the amount of B12 in their brains was significantly lower than those of “normal” patients or those without mental illness.

While some low levels of B12 were to be expected, especially with aging patients, levels that are too low are linked to health problems. In fact, when B12 levels get too low, some real problems can emerge in the human body, including a decline in mental health. For those who are younger and still developing neurologically, lack of B12 can impact them throughout their life, resulting in diseases such as autism and even schizophrenia.

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