Vitamin Deficiency And Mental Illness: Is There A Link?

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Links to Autism and Schizophrenia

The latest scientific research is now showing a definite correlation between the levels of B12 found in those with both autism and schizophrenia. In fact, children with either disease were found to have lower B12 levels comparable with people over the age of 60. The result of this lower B12 level in a developing brain that it causes mental illness and conditions like autism to flourish. Low vitamin levels make it more difficult for a developing brain to form lasting neural connections, and this will have an impact on the child throughout their life. In regards to schizophrenia, younger individuals diagnosed also had B12 levels in their brain that were consistent with those in elderly patients.

The links between B12 deficiency and mental illness are becoming more obvious with every new study. The connection between the developing brain and its need for B12 is also becoming more apparent, and it is clear that B12 is necessary in the brain for it to develop normally. If B12 is not received in adequate doses, the brain becomes stunted during a period where it should be developing, allowing for the doorway to be opened for issues down the road.


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The good news is that with every new research study, we learn more about the causes of mental illness and diseases like autism. Mental conditions with ties to vitamin deficiency may be treatable by using vitamin supplements early in life. In that there is hope for the future.


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