Want To Prevent Memory Loss? These 10 Brain Boosting Foods May Help!

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You are what you eat! And, it turns out this phrase doesn’t only apply to your physical appearance, it applies to your brain and memory too!  Many factors including exercise, genetics, and heart health are related to the risk of developing dementia. However, a growing body of scientific literature supports the idea that specific foods may be beneficial in reducing this risk. So, what are some of the best brain bosting foods that prevent memory loss? Let’s look at 10 of the best!


1. Fish

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, studies show that individuals who consume fish about once a week have an increased amount of gray-matter in their brains. This means a moderate consumption of fish may be enough to increase late-life brain health.


2. Dark Leafy Greens

Packed with nutrients, especially vitamin K, dark leafy green vegetables provide many health benefits. One of these benefits is increased memory and brain power. In fact, one study showed that individuals who ate 2 servings of leafy green vegetables a day had cognitive abilities similar to that of individuals 11 years younger than them.


3. Berries

Colorful berries such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, acai berries, and blackberries are packed with nutrients and phytochemicals. This in turn enables berries to prevent inflammation and even protect cells in the brain from damage.

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4. Red Wine

Antioxidants in red wine may help prevent memory decline associated with aging. Researchers recommend no more than 1 glass per day!!


5. Nuts

Nuts are rich in fiber, vitamin E, and polyunsaturated fats, key nutrients in learning and long-term brain health. Walnuts are particularly healthy; however, a handful of any type of nuts each day is recommended to maintain brain health.


6. Bean and Legumes

Bean and legumes such as chickpeas, lima beans, black beans and lentils are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, protein, and iron. Individuals who eat a diet rich in beans and legumes have increased longevity and a decreased risk of stroke. Having a stroke may lead to vascular dementia; therefore, reducing your risk of stroke may reduce your risk of vascular dementia.


7. Coffee and Tea

For a lot of us, drinking coffee or tea plays a role in our everyday thinking. However, it also has long-term benefits. Individuals drinking about 3 cups of coffee per day are significantly less likely to develop dementia later in life. But bigger portions show the adverse effect!

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8. Dark Chocolate

Not only is dark chocolate delicious, it has been proven to improve blood flow to the brain, increase learning, and focus.


9. Turmeric

The rich yellow spice known as turmeric is rich in the anti-inflammatory molecule curcumin. Curcumin has been shown to destroy beta-amyloid plaques which cause Alzheimer’s disease.


10. Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil has the ability to preserve learning and memory. Not only does olive oil reduce inflammation in the brain but it also activates a process which cells remove debris and toxins, including the plaques known to cause Alzheimer’s disease.


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As you can see, these foods can easily be added into a normal, healthy diet. There are no crazy ingredients which require a trip to the specialty store. And while scientists agree that there is no guaranteed way to prevent dementia, these foods have all been shown to have positive benefits for the brain and memory. If the saying is true and “you are what you eat,” these 10 brain boosting foods are pretty good options!