You Won’t Believe Why You’re Not Losing Weight

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5. Action speaks louder than words

A French study showed that people who just thought about exercising ate 50% more than they should. They figured that they would be working off whatever they ate so they jacked up their food intake because they were going to work on it later. Too bad later never came.


6. Too much stagnant sitting all day

Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia discovered that people who sat for hours on end would cease creating lipase which is an enzyme that cuts down on making fat. If you at least step away from your desk every hour, your metabolism will jump about 13%. Fidget around throughout the day and you will burn an extra 54%.


7. Not enough shut-eye

A clinical trial that was conducted and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that if you sleep less than four hours a night you will consume an extra 300 calories and over 21 extra fat grams.


8. Excess stress

If you live a stressful life, you could be producing the hormone called cortisol. This hormone is responsible for storing more fat instead of burning it. The higher the stress level the higher the visceral fat that is staying on your body.


9. Overly processed foods

Everyone knows that processed foods are filled with additives. You will always find more salt, sugar, and preservatives in processed foods which do nothing but cause you to eat more junk food. If you are serious about losing weight, start eating natural foods – regular meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables straight from the produce stand.

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