10 Terrific Foods That Detox the Body

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The same way New Year’s Day seems to bring everyone’s thoughts to the gym, every spring seems to have people thinking of doing a detox. Almost as if they want to spring clean their bodies in the same way they spring clean their homes.

It’s true that a detox diet isn’t a cure all. You won’t lose 50 pounds, you won’t grow a few inches taller, and you won’t necessarily get that job promotion. However, a short term detox will both give your body a rest, infuse it with some much needed nutrients, while recharging, so to speak, the organs that normally do your detoxing for you.

There are plenty of delicious, yet satisfying, foods that can help you detox while still maintaining your energy levels. So stock up on these 10 must eat foods and let the cleansing begin!


1. Oranges

Although many people think of grapefruits or lemons when they think of a detox program, these fruits are so sour that many people add sugar to them to help with the taste. Ok, so eating sugar on a detox program, what’s wrong with this picture?

Instead, to avoid this, eat oranges. Oranges contain limonoids, which is the active ingredient that helps your body to detox.

They are also high in fiber which is not only good for detox but an important part in the prevention of colon cancer.

Fresh Ginger Root

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2. Ginger

This is an essential found in all detox programs. Ginger helps move food quickly through the body while detoxifying your system.

If you are one of those people who feel hungry when doing a detox, ginger can help you.

A recent study found that drinking a hot ginger tea greatly reduced the subject’s feelings of hunger.

Ginger has been used in China for more than 2,000 years as a way to treat stomach ailments as well as nausea.

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3. Pineapple

Besides tasting great as well as being naturally sweet, pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, which is terrific at improving digestion as well as cleansing the colon.

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4. Cinnamon

Boost your metabolism naturally with just a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Everyone likes the taste of cinnamon, but did you know that it also contains calcium, manganese, and iron?

Manganese is what helps your body keep its blood sugar levels stable as it supports the handling of fatty acids.

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Organic Apples In Summer Grass

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5. Apples

Ok, so an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but apples do so much more than that.

When it comes to detox, apples are the star! The pectin in apples is a soluble fiber that removes food additives as well as metals from your body, while being full of nutrients and vitamin C.

Be aware not to buy non-organic apples.

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Fresh Fennel

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6. Fennel

If you find you are having a major sugar craving, chewing on a little fennel can help.

If you’ve never tried it, fennel tastes a lot like licorice, even though it’s a root vegetable.

It may not only crush that craving, but it’s a good source of dietary fiber that helps with digestion as it clears out toxins.

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7. Parsley

It’s much more than a decorative green on your plate, parsley has beta carotene and plenty of vitamins like A, K, and C that protect your bladder and kidneys.

Next time, don’t set that little piece of greenery aside, put it in your salad, or just give it a chomp.

Black And White Sesame Seeds

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8. Sesame Seeds

Add a handful of these little powerhouses to everything.

Sesame seeds protect your liver from toxins and from the dangers of alcohol as well.

Heap Of Onions

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9. Onions

Everyone has some onions in their kitchen but did you know that they are super healthy for you as well as adding taste to your favorite dishes?

Onions are full of amino acids that contain sulfur, which are extremely important when talking about detoxing the liver.

Raw onions pack the most punch so put them in salads, sandwiches, everything!

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Seaweed Salad With Sesame Seeds

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10. Seaweed

It doesn’t taste all that great, true, but if you can find a way to sneak some into your diet (in your smoothie, perhaps?) you will find it’s a detox powerhouse.

Seaweed removes many minerals from the body such as lead, and cadmium.

Want an extra incentive to add it to your diet?

Seaweed is loaded with iodine, which is an all-natural metabolism booster.