10 Uses for the Super Fruit of the 21st Century


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6. Lemons might help you lose weight

Many people find that lemons suppress their appetites so they eat less or stop snacking in between meals. It’s believed that lemon juice might even raise your metabolism. A higher metabolism means you will burn more calories naturally. Try to incorporate lemons into every part of your diet by adding fresh lemon slices in your water, squeeze half a lemon over your salad, drink organic lemon tea, or eat a few fresh slices before or after a meal and watch the scale slide on down!


7. An old folk remedy says that lemon tea will reduce your anxiety level

If you suffer from nervousness or find you cannot sleep at night, try drinking a cup a lemon tea before bed or anytime you need it.  If you can’t find lemon tea, add the juice of fresh lemons into your own homemade tea.


8. Toxins are everywhere in our world today, it’s impossible to avoid them

Even our own bodies produce some toxins. However, lemons are a natural detoxifier. Add the juice of one lemon in a glass of water and you have an all-natural product that will cleanse your entire body. See also how else naturally detox the body.


9. Want whiter teeth but don’t want to use chemicals or pay hundreds of dollars at your dentist?

Lemons can do the job for you! Mix baking soda with lemon juice into a bubbly paste. Apply this paste to your teeth with the tip of your finger or use a Q-tip. Brush your teeth after one minute. Do this daily but don’t leave this mixture on your teeth for more than 1 minute as the juice can damage your tooth enamel if left on for too long. Find out do’s and don’ts of oral health.


10. As we age we worry less about pimples and more about dark spots.

Lemon juice lightens your skin so those dark spots, sometimes called age spots, are much less noticeable. The all natural citric acid in a lemon can even out your skin tone naturally and much cheaper than store bought products.Read more about health benefits of lemons for skin care.

Get started with lemons today so you can enjoy everything these little yellow beauties from nature have to offer!




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