12 Facts about Microwaves that Should Terminate Their Use

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Microwave ovens have been around since the early 1970’s and are such a part of our lives now that we never give them a second thought, but we should. A growing number of people are now listening to the advice of holistic health experts and dumping their microwaves due to the dangers. Isn’t it strange that humans are the only animals on this planet that destroy all the nutritional value of their food before they eat it? Microwaves are to blame for a lot of this.

Your microwave oven is a source of electromagnetic energy (a form of nonionizing radiation) that is electronically generated. This energy penetrates your food and causes an inner rotation of the water within the food. This causes friction, which results in a rapid rise in the temperature.

Microwaves use these super-fast moving particles to literally radiate the water content inside your food and bring it to a boil. It’s true that microwaves make free radicals that destroy viruses and bacteria, but they don’t destroy toxins or micro-toxins. Experts state that food cooked in microwaves can lose as much as 90 percent of its energy. Also the nutrients inside your food are being altered, and this can lead to digestive diseases, increase the number of cancerous cells in our bloodstream, as well as the number of stomach and colon cancer cells.


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There is a little known lawsuit from 1991 filed in Oklahoma, where a nurse decided to warm up some blood needed for a simple hip surgery. Warming blood is common, but this nurse decided to use the microwave to do so because, after all, what was the difference? Apparently a great deal of difference, as this patient died after receiving this blood. Microwaving altered the blood enough so that this patient died from it, so does it not serve to reason that if it can alter your blood enough to cause damage, the same thing is possible when you heat water or food in your microwave?

Almost all microwaves leak some amount of radiation. This issue is severe enough that the FDA set limits on how much radiation can be leaked from these devices; however, do you really feel safe in your kitchen knowing that radiation is being leaked out into your environment? The only safe way to completely stop all radiation in your home is to stop using microwave ovens. Radiation from microwaves has been linked to birth defects, fertility problems in men, cancer, and cataracts.

Check out the 12 dangers of microwaves that the manufacturers hope you never find out.


1. Negative psychological effects

Due to brainwave disturbances, many negative effects are noted such as memory loss, inability to concentrate, as well as interrupted sleep. Find out the dangers of lack of sleep.


2. A breakdown of the human life energy field

Persons exposed to microwaves while in operation have side effects such as a breakdown of the life energy field that becomes increasingly severe with increased exposure.

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3. Cell degeneration

There is an overall degeneration of the voltage between cells while using microwaves, especially in the area of the lymph system and the blood.


4. Degeneration of food utilization

There is an overall destabilization of the energy that is activated from food utilization within the process of metabolism.


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5. Degeneration of cell membranes

There is also a breakdown of internal cellular membranes while transferring metabolic breakdown into the blood serum for the digestive process.


6. Electric nerve breakdown

A degeneration and breakdown of the circuit where electrical nerve impulses that are within the junction potential of the cerebrum.


7. Loss of balance

This is due to the interruption of the system which controls the function of consciousness.


8. Loss of vital energy

A long term loss of vital energies within all humans, animals, as well as plants that are located within a 500 meter radius of microwaves.


9. Magnetic deposits form

Residual, long lasting effects from the magnetic deposits are found in the nervous system as well as the lymphatic system of the body.


10. Interruption of hormones

A general destabilization as well as an interruption in the productions of hormones in both men and women.


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11. Disturbance of brainwaves

Much higher levels of disturbances in the area of brain waves, including the alpha, and delta wave patterns occur in persons exposed to microwaves.


12. Breakdown of nerve circuits

There will be a degeneration of the nerve circuits and loss of energy field symmetry in the nerve centers both in the front and rear of the central nervous system.

If you notice many of the people who use microwaves frequently, you will notice that the majority of them are sick and overweight. The more often you use a microwave, the worse your nutrition becomes, and the more likely you are to be diagnosed with chronic disease.

Heat your food the healthy way by using cast iron cookware and gently heating your food. Never fry or burn (sometimes called blackened) your food, as this is a known carcinogen.




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