12 Healing Ways To Use Cedarwood Essential Oil (Love #4)

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

It seems that everyone is looking for ways to heal themselves naturally. With the threat of forced vaccinations, superbugs, and influx of information that mainstream medicine is more interested in making money than in making you well, it only makes sense to get all the facts about allowing your body to heal itself with the gifts from Mother Nature.

Cedarwood essential oil is one of those gifts. This oil comes from the bark of several species of cedar trees including Red, Eastern Red, Southern Red, and Virginian cedar trees. These wonderfully fragrant trees are native to the colder regions of North America and can grow more than 100 feet tall!

Cedar has been highly valued and used for centuries all over the world. Solomon used cedar tree to build the Temple of Jerusalem. Native American tribes thought cedar was sacred and often used it as a smudge for purification. The Egyptians used cedar for both cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

If you loved opening your grandmother’s cedar chest so that you could smell that beautifully scented wood, then you will understand the appeal of cedarwood oil.

The oil from the bark of cedar trees has many powerful healing components, including alpha and beta cedrene, cedrol, and several types of sesquiterpenes, which can be used to treat various health problems that plague both the mind and body.

Cedarwood oil is well known for being naturally:

  • Astringent
  • Antifungal
  • Anti-infectious
  • Diuretic
  • Sedative
  • Antiseptic
  • Insect repellant

Please note that pregnant women should avoid using this oil, and that it is not safe to consume cedarwood oil internally. Cedarwood is a potent oil that can cause vomiting and damage to the digestive system. It can also cause serious damage to those with high blood pressure or heart conditions. Always use cedarwood oil topically or in aromatherapy ONLY.

Keep reading and find out the 12 best ways you can use cedarwood oil to heal and soothe both the body and mind.

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1.  Stops Acne

A natural astringent, cedarwood oil is powerful anti-acne medicine. Add one drop of cedarwood essential oil to your daily routine. You can dab it directly on zits, or add it to your moisturizer or cleanser.


2. Great for Hair

If you have a problem with dandruff, or if you feel that you have an excessively oily scalp, simply add 10 drops of cedarwood oil to eight ounces of your normal shampoo and shake well to distribute. When you shampoo, allow it to sit on your scalp for three to five minutes while it works. This oil will also increase the circulation to the scalp which might help stimulate hair growth.


3. Super Moth Repellant

This is why so many clothing storage chests are made of cedar. Moths hate the smell and won’t go near it! You can keep moths and other insects away from your clothing by placing one or two drops of cedarwood oil on a cotton ball or on a strip of fabric and hang it in your closet, drop it in your dresser drawers or put it in storage boxes. Replace as needed. Avoid letting the oil touch the clothes directly.


4.  Stress Relief

This oil has a super calming and soothing effect on both mind and body. This is a great choice for relieving the stress that is caused by anxiety. You can use this in aromatherapy to relax and unwind. Put a few drops of cedarwood oil on a piece of cloth, cotton ball, or even directly on your hands, then place them around your nose and breathe in deeply for 30 seconds to a minute. This super aromatic scent will trigger endorphins in your brain, relaxing you and calming the nerves.

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5. Eczema and Psoriasis Relief

Add two drops of cedarwood oil to a tablespoon of coconut oil and massage the affected area twice a day. Do this for relief from the redness and itching that comes with many skin problems, including psoriasis and eczema.


6. Pain Relief

This aromatic essential oil is known to alleviate muscle pain and stiffness from overuse or arthritis. You can add 10 drops of cedarwood oil to one ounce of carrier oil, such as grape seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. Massage this mixture into the affected areas to relive pain and inflammation. Alternately, you can add four to six drops of this oil into a warm bath and soak away your soreness. You can even add some Epsom salts to enhance your bath experience even more.


7. Natural Air Freshener

Don’t bother using those synthetic oils that cause all sorts of health problems — try cedarwood oil instead. If you love the earthy smell of cedarwood, you can have that natural smell all day by adding cedarwood oil to your diffuser. Cedarwood oil has a strong base note, which means that it will naturally eliminate and neutralize all types of scents including smoke, mildew, pet, and food odors.


8. Mosquito Repellent

Add two or three drops of cedarwood oil to your diffuser or put two drops on a cotton ball or fabric strip and place them in areas where you typically see mosquitoes. This oil does a knockout job of repelling mosquitoes and other troublesome insects. You can even mix some cedarwood oil with coconut oil and rub it over your exposed skin to naturally repel many different types of insects.

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

9. Chest Infections

If you want to remove phlegm from your nasal passages and lungs, cedarwood oil can help. Those who are suffering from bronchitis, asthma, and allergy sufferers can benefit by adding two or three drops of cedarwood oil to a steam inhalation for almost instant relief. Alternately, you can rub two drops of this diluted oil onto the chest and/or throat area for relief at bedtime.


10. Natural Diuretic

Cedarwood oil can act as a natural diuretic, which can help your body remove toxins and excess fluids. Rub two drops of oil onto the palms of your hands, and then massage the bladder and kidney areas.


11. Stops UTI

If you suffer from frequent urinary tract infections, kidney problems or cystitis, try adding 10 drops of cedarwood oil into a warm bath and soak for 20 to 30 minutes twice a week.


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12.  Helps to Regulate Menstruation

If you suffer from irregular menstruation, cedarwood oil can help. This oil will regulate your period and stimulate the flow of blood to the pelvic regions. This oil can also help relieve side effects such as fatigue, pain, mood swings, and nausea. Apply two drops of cedarwood essential oil plus one tablespoon of a carrier oil to the lower abdomen or the soles of your feet for pain relief, as well as to balance out the body’s hormones.

Cedarwood oil is said to have a calming, grounding effect on the central nervous system and is even believed by some to have a spiritual effect as well, helping some feel more confident and strong.

No matter how you look at it or how you end up using it, there is no doubt that cedarwood oil can really enhance your life.