14 Things to Get Rid of If you Want to be Happy

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7. You don’t need to know every detail

There is a certain mystery to the way life works. Don’t fight it, just embrace it.


8. Forget about needing X to be successful

Too many of us think that if we just had that ONE thing, we would hit it big, be successful, and be important. It’s usually not true. There are always multiple opportunities.


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9. Stop trying to be accepted

No matter how good you are, no matter whom you are or what you do, someone is not going to accept you or like you. That’s just a fact of life and that’s OK. You don’t like everyone, do you? There are plenty of people in this world that will see you for the wonderful you that you are without you having to do a damn thing.


10. Forgo showing yourself off

You are enough just as you are. You don’t need to show off that 4 carat diamond ring to prove you are loved; you don’t need to buy a new BMW to prove you are rich; you don’t need to drop names to prove you are important. You are wonderful just the way you are. Your job is to accept yourself, not show yourself off to others. If they love you, they don’t care about all those things anyway.

Tossing out the things that stress us out is the best way to feel free and light again. When we feel free and light we have a natural sense of expansiveness and a newfound energy. When we find a new source of energy, we do better work and end up helping more people.


11. Stop the blame game

Whether you blame yourself for everything or you are blaming everyone else for everything, forget about it. The blame game is like a giant merry go round that never stops. You can keep pointing your finger but it doesn’t really solve anything, does it? It doesn’t even make you feel better, only angry at the people who are to blame, even if that person is you. Stop playing the blame game and start looking for a solution.


12. Always being available

If you are going through tough times or just need some down time, it’s ok to not attend that party or go out with the girls Saturday night


13. Let go of things that weren’t meant to be

We all know that one person who endlessly mourns for their lost love, the “perfect” partner who dumped them. They talk about them almost every day, even though they’ve been gone for months, or even years, and won’t date because no one can compare.

Many of us are like that about some things. We just can’t let go of things, people, or memories that made us happy at one time but no longer work for us today. This is the day to make that change, friends. You can’t take hold of new things that will make you happy if you are hlding onto things from the past that didn’t work out. Let go of what you thought you wanted and grap the life that is waiting for you. Read also about powerful beliefs that will free you from a life of negativity.


14. Stop visiting the wishing well

Everything you have gone through, every person you have met, everything you have done has lead you up to this very moment in time. So why do you keep visiting the wishing well, wishing for this person, wishing for that job, wishing your life away. What you have today, and who you are today is a priceless gift denied to many. Enjoy it, appreciate it, and love where you are.

Take a few minutes today and make a list of 5 to 10 things you want to let go of. Write them down and then start tossing them out of your life one at a time.

Take a deep breath and feel the lightness and freedom that comes from removing the clutter from your life.




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