15 Reasons Why You Should be Adding More of This Spice to Everything!

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Valued all over the world for its slightly sweet and slightly spicy flavor, cinnamon is also prized for its medicinal compounds. This spice has been used for centuries as a means of alleviating certain symptoms and curing health problems. Now, modern scientific research has confirmed what our ancestors have known for centuries: cinnamon not only tastes great, but it has the ability to heal.

You won’t believe all the things just a little bit of cinnamon can do for your health! Once you read the following information, you will find yourself adding a touch of cinnamon to almost everything!

Keep reading and discover the top 15 health benefits you can get from this one little spice.


1.  Detoxifies and Clears the Digestive Tract

By clearing out your digestive tract, your body will be able to better absorb nutrients from the foods you eat. A healthy digestive system also means less constipation, fewer stomach problems, such as indigestion and heartburn, as well as improving your immune system by decreasing the bad bacteria that can build up in the gut. Too much of the bad bugs in your system can lead to depression, irritability, and malnutrition. Since cinnamon contains powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial compounds, it removes excess bad bacteria, improving the overall function of your immune system. When your colon works properly, it also removes toxins from the body.


2.  Nutrients and Medicinal Compounds

Cinnamon has been used as far back as Ancient Egypt. It was once a rare and difficult spice to obtain and was often regarded as a gift that was fit for kings and emperors. Cinnamon comes from the inside bark of Cinnamomum trees. The branches of this tree are cut, and then the inner bark is removed. When the bark dries, it curls into what we call cinnamon sticks. Some sticks are ground into powder form.

The distinct flavor and smell come from the active oil in this bark called cinnamaldehyde. It is this substance that gives cinnamon its powerful effects on our health. Today, cinnamon is cheap and available in every supermarket around the world.


3. Naturally Balances Hormones

Cinnamon can help to balance hormones for women, which makes it the perfect alternative to hormone replacement therapy, which can cause cancer. Of course, you should always speak to your doctor first before starting any herbal program to be sure it is the correct one for you and your condition and situation. Cinnamon lowers testosterone levels while at the same time increasing the amount of progesterone. It’s the cinnamaldehyde that does this, but what a great way to help women naturally balance their hormones and make their lives more comfortable. Cinnamon will need to be taken in higher doses than just a sprinkle for this benefit to take hold, so talk to your doctor about how much cinnamon you should take to help keep your hormones in balance.

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