6 Salad Ingredients That Help You to Drop Weight Faster

Have you ever tried one of those “all you can eat” salad diets and found that you really didn’t lose much weight? Even though salad has a reputation as a dieter’s staple, they don’t always help you to lose weight. It’s not the lettuce that’s the problem, it’s the add in’s that don’t offer much in the way of protein, complex carbohydrates, and monounsaturated fats, all the things you need to drop a few pounds and still keep those food cravings away.

With the right ingredients, however, salads can be a super filling, not to mention, a flavor packed way to get the nutrients your body needs and still lose some serious pounds.

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Check out our list of the top six super tasty, yet super healthy, diet friendly salad ingredients that can rev up your weight loss and still satisfy you.


1. Almonds

Almonds are one of nature’s true super foods. Loaded with both protein as well as healthy fat, you will stay energized and satisfied and less tempted to search out unhealthy snacks. Toast your almonds in the oven for just a few minutes to help maximize their flavor. Just 20 nuts have about 130 calories, so be sure you don’t add more than that. Find out why almonds are one of the healthiest foods.


2. Hemp Seeds

These are more than just a trend, hemp seeds are a fantastic source of satisfying protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. They have a slightly sweet taste that will help to satisfy your sweet tooth with no added sugar. Add a full tablespoon to your salad for a skinny 40 calories.


3. Fennel

This licorice tasting veggie can really help to satisfy your palate. It also has strong antimicrobial properties that might help to reduce bloating.


4. Avocado

Just half an avocado has 160 reasonable calories and is simply loaded with heart healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins. This fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) has such as smooth and creamy texture that it also works well as a salad dressing. This means that you can subtract the 100 or more calories you would usually take in from a regular salad dressing.


5. Hot Peppers

You might not have heard, but the compound in peppers, capsaicin can boots your body’s metabolism as well as leaving you more satisfied. It’s true that they are not a typical salad staple, but if you like cayenne pepper, jalapenos, or any other type of hot pepper, then feel free to add some to your salad.


6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Adding just two tablespoons to your salad dressing could contribute to weight loss. Vinegar has a reputation for suppressing appetite, boosting your metabolism, and reducing water retention. At a mere 5 calories per tablespoon, it can’t hurt and may help. Read more about apple cider vinegar uses.

Skinny salads sound like a misnomer, but some of them can be real trouble to your waistline thanks to those jumbo super-sized portions and high calorie ingredients, but if you skip some of these things, such as lean protein, then your salad is too skimpy and you will be hungry soon afterwards. So be sure to Mix up your salad greens, add some cheese and lean protein, and always, always, always say NO to those croutons.