6 Unexpected Things Sleeping With A Weighted Blanket Can Do For You!

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Operating at your best can usually be handled through a variety of prescription medications that your doctor would have to prescribe for you. Every medication comes with its own assortment of side effects that you may have to deal with. In addition, do you really want to be on medication for the rest of your life when there are alternate ways that may resolve your problem?

A weighted blanket has been used by professional therapists who deal with people who struggle with stress, anxiety, and chronic insomnia. This product is exactly as it sounds – a blanket that is carefully weighted to provide a certain amount of pressure in specific areas that mimics deep pressure touch stimulation, or DPTS.

Deep pressure touch stimulation is where the amount of pressure that is applied provides a calm feeling and relaxes the person it is being applied to. If the pressure is too light, it will just signal the nervous system where the right amount is soothing the same way that petting your dog or cat makes you feel!

A weighted blanket was developed to provide a form of protection and reassurance to those who are dealing with specific issues. This sense of touch usually alleviates tension and replaces it with a sense of security. Therapist Temple Grandin created a Hug Machine that provides autistic children with the same feeling they would experience if someone were to give them a reassuring hug. It has been proven to greatly reduce the level of anxiety for children who have experienced the Hug Machine over children who have not.

The weighted blankets mold to each individual’s body and the accompanying pressure relaxes the nervous system which in turn releases serotonin which makes you feel good. The blankets are carefully padded with plastic pellets that are sewn in in such a way that the weight of the blanket is evenly distributed.

Here are 6 amazing things you can expect from a weighted blanket.


1. A good night’s sleep

Everyone has one or two nights where they have things on their mind or they may have consumed too much caffeine during the day and they are unable to fall asleep. But when it happens on a regular basis it is considered insomnia and it could lead to more serious problems. A weighted blanket provides you with an environment that is most conducive to sleep. The weighted pressure makes you feel secure and almost swaddled ensuring a warm and cuddly feeling. A study by the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders confirmed in 2015 that weighted blankets made a big difference for those who had issues falling asleep.

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