7 Benefits Of Skin Icing (Love # 4!)

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

Your skin is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your body from toxins, bacteria, and other chemicals in the environment. Taking good care of your skin only makes sense when you consider that it is your largest organ and the one most susceptible to the things you encounter every day.

But let’s be honest: Sometimes it’s simply a matter of vanity. Who wants wrinkles, pimples, enlarged pores or to look older than their actual age? Everyone wants smooth, glowing, young-looking skin. Your complexion is often the first thing people will notice about you when it comes to face-to-face encounters. Everyone wants to put their “best face forward” so to speak, and we have found one of the most inexpensive yet effective ways to do just that.


Skin Icing

You might have seen this offered at your local day spa and wondered what it was all about. Skin icing is exactly as the name implies: Putting ice on your face. There are more benefits to this than you might imagine.

We have made a list of the top seven reasons you should try skin icing, and then we are going to tell you how to do it so that you can take advantage of this exciting new treatment.


1. Improves Circulation

Although it is true that skin icing will temporarily shrink the blood vessels, this is a temporary effect. If you suffer from inflammation or swelling, then you will want to try skin icing to improve both conditions. After you remove the ice, however, the body will immediately send fresh, new blood to warm the area. Improved circulation will bring fresh nutrients and oxygen to the skin, encouraging the production of new skin cells.


2. Super Glowing Skin

You don’t need to use expensive and toxic blushes, highlighters, or strobing — all you really need is a clean ice cube for a natural, healthy glow that cosmetics cannot duplicate.  Hit up your freezer for an ice cube, and rub it gently on your cheekbones. This will hydrate the skin as well as improve the circulation, giving you a natural glow. Want a bit more color? Freeze some fruit juice and use those fruit-infused ice cubes on your cheeks for a bit of natural color, plus some healing antioxidant power.


3. Shrinks Pores

You might have heard about an age-old beauty trick that involves splashing cold water on your face after cleansing to close the pores. Why not take this one step further by substituting the cold water for an ice cube? Simply pass an ice cube along problem areas for five minutes and watch those pores shrink back in horror. This will help provide a smoother looking canvas when applying your makeup, or it can give you a more beautiful, yet natural look.

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

4. Stops Wrinkles

Although we can’t avoid wrinkles forever, we can delay them. Since ice helps to stimulate blood circulation, it can keep skin well oxidized, which will help prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles. This will also help your skin keep its natural elasticity. When your skin has plenty of oxygen through improved circulation, it is not only much healthier, it will look healthier, take less time to heal, and will look better overall. Ice is a much cheaper alternative to most skincare and anti-wrinkle creams whose results often leave a lot to be desired.


5.  Smoother Skin

Icing your skin will not only shrink those enlarged pores, but it also tightens the skin and unclogs pores as well. Using ice on your skin regularly will tone the face and make it look smoother than a baby’s behind.


6. Clearer Skin

If you are always looking for ways to naturally fight acne or pimples, then you might have found your answer. Now, ice will not immediately get rid of or dry up a pimple, but it will reduce the redness, reduce inflammation and lessen any pain. Always use a clean ice cube on each zit, and hold it there until the pain and redness subsides. Repeat as often as necessary.


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7.  Reduces Puffiness

Puffy eyes, especially in the mornings, are a common problem; whether you went out all night or just watched a Game of Thrones marathon, puffy eyes happen. By reducing swelling and tightening blood vessels, skin icing can reduce puffy eyes and lessen those ugly black circles in minutes. The skin surrounding your eyes is very delicate, so you might want to place that ice cube in a wash rag to prevent damaging the skin.

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

How to Do It

It doesn’t really take any special equipment or skill to do this trick, so you don’t need to pay a small fortune at the day spa for this treatment.

First, wash your face as you normally would. You can use ice cubes directly on the skin or wrap one or two in a piece of gauze or a small, clean cloth. Once the ice starts to melt and the cloth is damp, apply it to the face. Hold it on the different areas of the face that you wish to ice for one to two minutes, and then move the ice to a different area. You can also move the ice gently in a circular motion from chin to the jawline, then up to the cheeks. Or you can move it across the forehead, down the nose, focusing on one side of the nostril, then the other, then down to the lips.

Once you have finished, gently pat dry, and then apply a moisturizer.

Many people find that icing works best with bare ice. You might want to wear gloves if you choose to do this, as your fingers will not be able to hold onto the ice for more than a minute.

Want even better results? Make ice cubes from herbal teas such as chamomile or green tea to give your skin more soothing compounds and antioxidants that inhibit premature aging of the skin. You can also try freezing some lemon, cucumber, rosewater, or other types of skin-healthy ingredients to make your icing experience the best that it can be.

Don’t use ice if you already have broken capillaries, and never leave ice directly on the skin for more than one or two minutes at a time. If at any time this procedure feels uncomfortable, stop!

Enjoy icing all year long for the most beautiful skin ever!