Amazing Things Happen When You Drink This One Thing Every Day

Fresh Organic Coconut Water

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Madonna is doing it. She loves it so much she convinced Matthew McConaughey and Demi Moore to invest in it. The Jamaicans have used this for eons as a heart tonic, and it was even used in WWIIC as a replacement for blood when supplies ran low.

What is this miracle product that has everyone talking, buying, and drinking? Coconut water. Not to be confused with coconut milk, we are talking about coconut water — the nearly clear liquid that is inside young coconuts. Coconut water is already extremely popular in Brazil, where sales exceed $300 million each year. It is the fastest-growing beverage in the UK and sales in America have doubled in the past year.

Although coconut water has been available for years, it seems as though it has recently come into its own. Suddenly everyone is talking about it, drinking it, selling it, or making it!

Coconut water is loaded with zinc, boron, manganese, iodine, selenium, and B complex vitamins. When you read the label of most coconut waters, they sound more like a multi-vitamin rather than a natural health drink! Coconut water is 99 percent fat free, it is low in naturally occurring sugars, and it has absolutely no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Coconut water is delicious all on its own! It doesn’t need anything but a glass! (OK, maybe a straw!)

Most people really don’t know about all the benefits of drinking coconut water. They simply hear that it’s good for you, and they are happy with that!

But you should be aware of all the good things that can go on in the body when you drink coconut water — especially on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Although it is true that most people find coconut water to be an acquired taste, after just a few glasses, you will find that your body craves this liquid and the nutrition it provides.

Keep reading and find out why you should join Demi and Madonna and jump on the coconut water bandwagon!

1. Drinking a full cup of coconut water in the morning helps to balance the electrolytes in the body as well as the pH level.

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2. Coconut water helps to stimulate the thyroid function and supports a healthy thyroid, which can help to keep hormones balanced.

3. Since it is a natural diuretic, coconut water can help prevent kidney problems while preventing the buildup of painful kidney stones.

4. Coconut water is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, which can destroy the bacteria that lead to urinary tract infections, gum disease, and even the viruses that can cause the flu or colds.

5. Coconut water is actually high in fiber, which helps to prevent various problems, including constipation.

6. Coconut water has no fat and no cholesterol, so you can feel good about drinking it anytime you like. This can help you to feel full and might even help you drop a few pounds.

7. Drinking one cup of coconut water each day can naturally help to fight chronic fatigue or give you that much-needed boost of energy in the afternoons without relying on caffeinated drinks, sugary snacks, or chocolate.

8. For truly beautiful skin, you will want to increase the amount of coconut water you drink each day. Coconut water will moisturize the skin and keep it soft and supple.

9. Before sports drinks or energy drinks, there was coconut water! Coconut water has natural electrolytes that can revive and refresh you after strenuous exercise.

10. When mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil, coconut water can kill internal parasites, which can help keep your intestines and digestive system clean and pure.

11. Coconut water is a super hangover remedy. When you have had too much fun, drink a glass of coconut water before you go to bed, and then again when you wake up. You should be headache free and have fewer, less intense, hangover symptoms.

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12. If you suffer from acne or overly oil skin, drinking coconut water will help to restore the pH of the skin. You can also use coconut water as a natural astringent by soaking a cotton ball in it, then wiping it across your freshly washed face.

13. Everyone wants to look younger, or stay younger-looking for as long as possible. Coconut water can give you smoother, younger-looking skin due to its high level of cytokinins. These are plant hormones which regulate the cell growth, development of skin cells, as well as hydrating connective tissue in the skin. Coconut water is super hydrating!

14. Coconut water improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces the risk of heart attack and strokes. This amazing, natural water helps to reduce plaque formation in the blood vessels by lowering cholesterol levels.

15. Consuming coconut water regularly can also help to prevent constipation. This water has a natural, but mild, laxative effect. If your bowels get a little too loose, cut back on the coconut water a bit until your body becomes accustomed to it.


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Keep in mind that the fresher the coconut water, the better it is for you. Once exposed to air and room temperatures, it ferments quickly and loses much of its nutritional value. Always keep an opened container of coconut water in the refrigerator, and drink it as soon as possible after opening.


Important Note:

If you have nut allergies, be careful consuming any coconut product.

Also, if you have kidney disease, are on a low potassium diet or if you have heart disease, you should check with your doctor first before consuming coconut water, coconut milk, or coconut oil.

Although coconut water is thought to be beneficial to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, you should check with your doctor first to ensure that coconut water is good for your particular situation.

Coconut water: Good for what ails you. If nothing ails you, it’s good for you anyway! Drink up!