Forget the Macarena; Let’s Do the Monsanto Major Detox Diet

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Do you ever feel like you are doing a kind of dance when you are buying groceries and trying to find the healthiest options for your family? You glide over to the frozen foods, skipping from case to case, looking for foods that say “organic.” Then you waltz on over to the health and beauty aisle, looking for natural soap with no added perfumes or maybe shampoo without a chemical degreaser in it, and then you foxtrot over to the cleaning section, hoping to find dish soap without perfumes, without triclosan, before you cha cha cha your way over to the produce aisle. You would think this would be a simple dance here but you need to duck and turn, trying to find out if the produce you are buying is organic or not, and whether it is a GMO ear of corn or not.

Whew! Whatever happened to normal, simple, good for you natural foods from Mother Nature? Why all the dancing and jiggling around? Food shopping should not be like doing the latest popular dance, friends.

We are going to show you how you can best detox from all those nasty Monsanto GMO foods and poisonous insecticides that are filling the food shelves.

The Monsanto Major Detox diet means that we are going to rid your body of insecticides, algaecides, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, on top of those nasty GMOs.

GMO foods are hiding in our food supply. Of course you can try to avoid them as much as possible, but sometimes it is virtually impossible. If you eat at a restaurant, or even if you eat at a family member’s house, you really can’t start asking if this meal contains GMO foods. Well, you could, but they would certainly never invite you to their house ever again!  Even some supplements or protein powders, although they might state that they contain no GMOs, there is no oversight agency ensuring that they are telling the truth. So you could be eating these GMOs and toxins and not even know it.

So although there is no real fountain of youth and we can’t actually turn back the clock, but we can certainly slow it way, way down. By removing toxins from your body, you can keep your skin, heart, muscles, and brain in tip top shape.

Detoxing can be hard on your body and it sometimes causes side effects that make people go off their detox program because they fear it is doing them more harm than good. However, when you consider that you are removing some pretty awful toxins from your body, is it any wonder that your body has a strong reaction?  Now you can go to your local vitamin or health food store and find some fairly strong (and sometimes expensive) detoxing agents, but why do that when there are much gentler and completely natural ways to do the Monsanto Major Detox?

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