Got Hemp Milk? Here’s Why You Should!

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You may have noticed recently one clear thing: Pasteurized milk from factory cows does NOT work that well for the body! In 2015, a large study was published in the British Medical

Journal found that milk actually contributes to a higher risk of death for both sexes and bone fractures in women. Of course, we are talking about conventional, pasteurized milk which comes from cows fed an unhealthy diet and given a steady stream of bovine growth hormones and antibiotics. Raw, organic milk from grass fed cows is another story.

For quite a while now, the world has been searching for a sustainable, and tasty alternative to milk. This replacement is being searched for more and more as people become aware of how exactly our food is produced, and how that production line affects their bodies.

The mass production of milk has caused many to seek alternatives, as has been shown in the recent sales of almond milk, which has soared 40 percent between the years of 2014 and 2015. Talking in numbers, almond milk sales reached $700 million in 2015.

However, if you are truly looking for the most nutritious milk, you may want to consider hemp milk. This kind of milk supplies the body with vital nutrients, while leaving the body as natural and unharmed as before you consumed it -that is something you can’t say about regular cow milk these days. This doesn’t mean that cow’s milk isn’t healthy, it’s simply that hemp milk can offer you so much more nutrition, though it is actually made from nothing more than hemp seeds and water. Unlike cow’s milk, hemp milk is vegan friendly and digested extremely easily.

For those of you who might not know it, hemp seeds cannot get you high. Hemp is not made from marijuana so you are safe. It does contain an extremely small amount of THC, but you would need to consume a kilo of hemp seeds and still not get high.

Strange that the US is one of the few countries in the world that allows the sale of hemp seeds, but does not allow hemp to be grown here. When you consider that everything that is currently made with plastic (that will never, ever degrade) can be made with natural biodegradable hemp, you have to question what forces are at work behind the scenes. But that is another story for another day.

Hemp seeds contain a huge amount of nutrients including:

  • All 10 essential amino acids
  • 4 grams of very digestible protein
  • 900 mgs of omega-3 fatty acids
  • 2800 mgs of omega-6 fatty acids
  • 46 percent of your RDA for calcium
  • Assorted minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc
  • Vitamins A, B12, D, and E

All of this nutrition is in one 8-ounce glass of hemp milk, and all of that has no cholesterol. Drinking hemp milk regularly will give you clear, beautiful skin, strong nails and hair, improved cognitive abilities, better blood circulation, a healthier heart and overall healthier immune system. Hemp is also a natural anti-inflammatory.


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You can buy hemp milk in just about any health food store, but if you like, you can make your own hemp milk right in your own kitchen. Take one part of raw, shelled hemp seeds and 4 parts of pure water. Place the seeds and water in the required proportions in a blender and allow all to soak together for 15 or 20 minutes. Now mix until they are blended well (this should not take more than 3-4 minutes on a high speed). Pour this mixture through a cheesecloth or nut milk bag into a clean, glass container. Place in the fridge for a few hours as hemp milk tastes better cold. Your may keep the milk in the fridge for up to 3 days.

If you think about an alternative to cow’s milk and you have already tried almond, coconut, and rice milk, you must give hemp milk a try!