How Do French Women Stay Thin Without Diet Or Exercise?

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3. Water, water everywhere

While the French are always able to grab a glass of classy red or white wine, French women always make sure that they drink plenty of water all the time. It is said they drink water as well as herbal tea for their health and to maintain their beautiful skin. They start the day with hot water and lemon in the morning and keep sipping on mineral water as opposed to tap water or bottled water for the rest of the day.


4. Do healthy rituals only if they feel good

You won’t catch a French woman starving herself to death in order to look good. They do not adhere to the adage “no pain, no gain.” They feel as if there is no point in doing something to make yourself look or feel good if you feel miserable doing it. They feel that “beauty is something to give you pleasure because when you feel good, you look good.”


5. They always prepare ahead

While they operate from the standpoint of everything in moderation, they make sure that they are prepared to enjoy themselves without having to sacrifice anything or suffer for their indulgences. One tip from a French woman that she employs is if she knows she is going to go out in the evening to enjoy some fine wine, she will not eat any fruit or drink any fruit juice throughout the day.


6. They start young

While many American children look at their parents as being old-fashioned, out of touch with what’s cool, and overly strict, French women take all the advice they can from their moms and copy their beauty rituals from as young as they can. They start drinking plenty of water, eat small amounts of food, and make sure to care for their skin.

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