How To Grow Eyebrows Fast: Coconut Oil And 3 Of The Simplest Tips That Work

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    3. Apply serum to your eyebrows correctly.

    The overall procedure of serum application is important, too. The strength and directions of your movements can make things better or worse. Mind the recommendations below if you want to grow eyebrows fast.

        • Before applying any serums, cleanse your face to remove any impurities and makeup.
        • While applying anything and working around the eye area, make sure you follow your natural eyebrow shape so that your eyebrow hair keeps growing in the same arch.
        • Dip a fresh cotton bud into the coconut oil mixture. You do not need a lot, so take care not to saturate the bud with the oil.
        • Gently wipe the oil onto the eyebrow and the skin below, working as mentioned above in the direction that your eyebrows grow.
        • Leave on overnight so that the oil is completely absorbed into the skin and brow hair. You don’t need any special lotions or cleansers to remove the excess.

    If you incorporate coconut oil into your daily routine, you will soon see a vast improvement in your eyebrows growth.


    Why you should use coconut oil on your eyebrows.

    There are numerous serums on the market for eyebrow regrowth. Unfortunately, most of them are synthetic and contain many harmful chemicals. Most of these have not been approved by the FDA, and due to consumer reports of serious side effects (which include possible permanent eye damage) the FDA has now banned the use of many of these products by practitioners.


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    Coconut oil comes highly recommended by health experts as it is absolutely natural, contains no chemical additives, has no side effects, and has a proven track record of centuries of success. Choosing coconut oil for your eyebrows is the best decision you can make to restore your eyebrows’ beauty.



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