Natural and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Sties Naturally

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If you have ever had one, you know the only thing worse than a sty is pink eye. If you aren’t sure that you have ever had one, a sty is a bump that forms right on your eyelid. They are painful and they are disgusting, as they generally start oozing pus after a while. Sties have several causes. Sometimes they are caused by stress, but for most people, sties are caused bacteria or from a clogged oil gland, which then, typically becomes infected.

Sties are easily spread to other parts of the eyelid or to the opposite eye, so you should avoid all makeup at this time (in fact, it’s probably a good idea to throw out your mascara and eyeliner, since it’s more than likely contaminated with the bacteria from your sty.) Also be sure to wash your hands frequently, especially after touching your eye.

Now a sty will usually disappear on its own after 3 to 5 days, but they are very painful and no one wants to wait that long! The good news is you don’t have to. There are plenty of natural remedies to reduce the pain and greatly shorten the amount of time you have to live with a sty.

First, let’s talk about the things you should NOT do when you have a sty:

  • Never try to remove a sty, such as by cutting or trying to pierce it, as the infection could spread to the eyeball itself. It will heal on its own. If you think you have complications or the sty remains for more than 10 days, consult a doctor.
  • Sties are contagious, so don’t share makeup, towels, clothing, or anything else.
  • In fact, you shouldn’t wear makeup at all when you have a sty, and you should throw out your old eye makeup since it’s probably contaminated.
  • Don’t try to pop the sty. It’s not a pimple. Don’t squeeze it or scratch it either. Always wash your hands if you have been touching your eye.
  • Avoid eating a lot of sugar or starchy foods at this time, as they only feed the infection.
  • Don’t wear contact lenses, as they will also quickly become contaminated and the bacteria could then be transferred to your eye.

Ok, now let’s take a look at the top natural remedies you can use to help heal that sty fast!

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1. Warm Compress

This is an easy one that will encourage the sty to drain. Simply take a clean cotton cloth that has been dipped in the hottest water you can stand and place it on your eyelid for about 5 minutes, three or four times per day. Always use a clean cloth each time you do this.


2. Parsley

This is a good old fashioned remedy that really works wonders. Pour one cup of boiling water over a handful of fresh parsley. Allow to steep for 10 minutes. Soak a clean cloth in this mixture, then place the cloth on your eye and allow to sit for 15 minutes. Repeat this twice per day. It will bring down the swelling quickly and should help the sty to drain in a day or two.


3. Coriander Seeds

Boil one teaspoon of coriander seeds in one cup of water. Strain out the seeds. When the water has cooled, use as an eyewash. Do this two or three times per day.


4. Turmeric

This spice has powerful healing properties and is known for providing quick relief from sties. Place one teaspoon of turmeric powder in two cups of water. Boil this mixture until you have only one cup of liquid left. Strain the liquid by running it several times through a cheesecloth or fine gauze to remove all of the granules of turmeric. Put two or three drops in your eye twice per day.


5. Herbal Mix Remedy

Take a mix of 25 grams of chamomile, 10 grams of horsetail, and 10 grams of thyme, and boil this in one liter of water for about 10 minutes. Cover the pot and allow to cool. Using a clean cloth, apply as a compress on your eye two or three times per day.

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Aloe vera plant

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6. Aloe Vera

You probably have an aloe vera plant in your kitchen for burns, but it also works great for sties. Break off a leaf and squeeze out some of the clear gel. Using a cotton swab, dip it in the gel, and then apply the gel to your sty several times per day. This works amazingly well, with many people stating that it gets rid of sties in less than 36 hours.


7. Tea Bags

You can use old, used tea bags or simply moisten some new ones. Place it over the affected eye and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes. Do this at least twice per day. Be sure to throw out the tea bag when you are done so you don’t re-infect your eye. Use chamomile, dandelion, or green tea bags, as all of these are anti-bacterial.


8. Mint Leaves

If you are lucky enough to have a fresh mint plant, you can use the leaves to help stop the infection in the sty. Crush a couple mint leaves really well and apply as a poultice on your sty. Leave this on your eye for about 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Do this twice per day. Reda more about mint leaves uses.


9. Chard Leaf

Wash a chard leaf. Heat it in a small pan with just a little water for about 5 minutes. Drain the liquid and then let it cool. Once it’s no longer boiling hot, but still very warm, place the leaf on the affected eye and leave it on for about 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Repeat this at least twice per day until the sty disappears. Don’t spread or re-infect yourself by using the same leaves. Always use fresh chard leaves each time you make a poultice.


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10. Spinach

This is another vegetable leaf that works great on sties. Boil a handful of baby spinach, then drain. Mash the leaves just a bit so that they make a sticky poultice. Allow the poultice to sit on the affected eye for about 30 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Do this at least twice per day. Never reuse the spinach; always throw out the old leaves when you are done and start with a fresh bunch.