The Recipe Everyone Is Using As An Alternative To Chemo

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It’s been all over the news, the Internet, on radio and, of course, on Facebook and other social media sites: cannabis oil has been shown over and over to treat and cure cancer.

At this point in time, only chemotherapy and radiation are approved methods for the treatment of cancer. Cancer treatment is a huge industry, worth billions and billions of dollars every single year in the prevention, so-called treatment, and study of cancer.

Yet, we don’t seem to make any real progress. Millions of people are still diagnosed with cancer and, despite treatment, die from it every single year. Why is this?

Because cancer is money, friends, which is why a real “cure” will never be found. If the government could find a way to patent marijuana and keep you from getting your hands on it, that will be another story.

However, you don’t have to wait for the government to figure out how they can suck money out of you for a natural treatment for cancer and epilepsy. You can make your own cannabis oil yourself.

A great number of people have used this successfully to treat their own cancer or their children’s cancer or epilepsy. You have probably seen their testimonies all over the Internet. If you haven’t, simply Google “9-year-old uses cannabis to treat cancer” and you will find plenty of articles.

Everyone wants to know how to make their own cannabis oil. We are going to pass along a recipe that seems to be the most popular one around so you can make your own cannabis oil.

Are you ready? Let’s stop mucking around and get down to business! Don’t you wish the medical industry and government would do the same?

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