The Recipe Everyone Is Using As An Alternative To Chemo

Cannabis Background

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Step by step instructions for making cannabis oil:

1. Put your cannabis in a plastic bucket.

2. You will need to use what is called a solvent, but we aren’t really talking about the common grease-removing or paint-removing solvent. You can use just about anything, including plain old water. Many people like to use isopropyl alcohol, butane, or even ether. You will need about 2 gallons of solvent to extract the THC from one pound of cannabis. You will need only about 500 ml for one ounce of cannabis.

3. Using a wooden spoon or wooden stick, crush up the dried cannabis while slowly adding your solvent. Continue crushing and adding solvent until the plant is completely covered and thoroughly soaked.

4. Stir well for about 3 more minutes. As you stir, the THC is being removed from the cannabis and is going into the solvent.

5. Get a second bucket and pour the solvent only into it. About 80 percent of the THC is now in the solvent in this bucket.

6. Put more solvent into the wet cannabis and stir for another three minutes. This will extract any remaining THC from the cannabis.

7. Add the solvent from this new batch into the other bucket that contains the solvent from the first wash. You can throw out the wet cannabis.

8. Get a clean container and a coffee filter. Pour your solvent through the coffee filter and into the clean container.

9. Now you are going to boil the solvent off. Be very careful, as the fumes from this process are very flammable. An electric rice cooker works well as it is electric and there is no flame. Use a fan to blow the fumes outside (or do this outside) and be sure the room is well ventilated. Do not smoke or use any open flames, as these fumes are very volatile.

10. Put the solvent in the rice cooker until it is about ¾ full and turn it on the highest setting. Leave the lid off. As the solvent burns off, continue to add solvent to the rice cooker until you have added everything.

11. The solvent will began to burn off for the last time. Add just a few drops of water (about 10 drops) to help release all of the solvent and protect the oil from getting too hot.

12. Once you have about 1 inch of solvent in the rice cooker, use some pot holders and swirl the pot around a half dozen times to be sure that all of the solvent has evaporated. Turn the rice cooker down to the lowest heat setting. You might want to use a candy thermometer to be sure that the oil never goes over 290 degrees.

13. Pour the oil into a stainless steel container, such as a thermos. Place it on a gentle heating device such as a coffee warmer. It will need to sit for several hours to finish evaporating all the water and any remaining solvent. When you no longer see any moment on the top of the oil, it is ready to use.

14. You can pour or spoon the oil into any container you like. When completely cool, this oil is something like a thick grease or a thin vegetable shortening.

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