The Toothpaste That Might Make Dentists Obsolete

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A recent revolutionary invention comes to us from Japan, one that might make dentists obsolete. A Japanese researcher, Kazue Yamagishi, has created a toothpaste that fills in holes and cracks, all the while restoring the tooth enamel just by brushing!

This toothpaste contains many of the same components that make up tooth enamel, but in a liquid form. This makes it super easy to use. Yamagishi came up with this new formula through a series of experiments with hydroxyapatite, or crystalline calcium phosphate, which is what makes up our teeth. Once this paste is applied to the teeth, it immediately dilutes the acid on the surface of the teeth and within 3 minutes, the paste crystalizes, then fastens itself to the tooth.

This toothpaste can quickly and seamlessly fix cavities with no need for drilling or fillings. Of course, cavities would need to be caught when they were small, but imagine if you took a child’s perfect new teeth and brushed them daily using this toothpaste! No more cavities, ever!

Unlike our skin and bones, our tooth enamel, which is the hard part on the surface of the teeth, is not able to regenerate itself once it becomes damaged.

The problem with most fillings at the dentist is that 60 percent of the dental treatments need to be redone at a later date. Caps come off, fillings become loose and crack. This is because the material used by dentists is different form the tooth and therefore causes problems later on.

As of today’s date, this paste cannot be used in a household setting as it causes damage to the gums. It must be applied at a dentist’s office, but Dr. Yamagishi hopes that a method can be found that will enable people to use this invention the exact same way they use toothpaste.

The product is right how undergoing clinical trials and Dr. Yamagishi hopes that it will be available for use at your dentist’s office within 2 years.


The procedure right now is to:

1. Clean the surface of the tooth, or teeth, you wish to apply this to.

2. Apply the synthetic enamel paste to the surface of the tooth and allow it to work for 15 minutes.

3. Wipe off the paste from the tooth surface, rinse with water, then dry.

4. Brush on a crystalized synthetic enamel so that the tooth is shiny.

That’s it! Sounds much better than anesthetic and drilling, doesn’t it?


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The bond tends to be a bit whiter than the surrounding teeth, especially on older persons, but it’s not so much of a difference that it looks unnatural, according to Dr. Yamagishi.