This Diet Removes Uric Acid From Your Joints Best

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The Study On Uric Acid and Diet

The study was conducted on college-aged female students that had no medical problems for five days, back-to-back. One group of the female students ate high-protein, low fruit/vegetable diets and the other at high fruit/vegetable, low protein diets. The first group was supposed to induce an acidic environment in the body and the latter group was supposed to induce an alkaline environment in their bodies. At the end of the five days, urine samples were compared and tested for volume, pH levels, levels of organic acids, creatinine, uric acid, and titratable acid as well as all the other cations and anions to determine the acid-base levels.


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The study found that the higher the acidic levels went, the more degradation of the materials being consumed. There was a greater concentration of uric acid in the urine of the group that ate a high-protein, low fruit/vegetable diet as well. The study concluded that uric acid was being reabsorbed back into the body more actively from acidic urine than from that which was alkaline, where it was being actively excreted from the participant’s bodies.

There were a few limitations to the study including that it was conducted with all females and the majority (80%) of gout presents itself in males. It was also conducted on perfectly healthy individuals and would have to be repeated with those already suffering from gout to really tell if a change in diet would be beneficial at helping their bodies to excrete uric acid. Even so, the study is promising for those suffering from the disease or hoping to avoid it altogether.


Natural Methods To Combat Uric Acid Buildup

No matter if you’ve experienced a gout attack already or are just wanting to stay ahead of the symptoms ever occurring, there are a few things you can do to prevent gout. The study above concluded by recommending that individuals follow an alkaline diet to help them prevent the onset of gout. Foods such as green leafy vegetables, pumpkin, miso, basil, cucumber, cabbage, kiwi, pineapple, yams, vinegar, walnuts, and bell peppers are all recommended daily foods for alkalizing the body. There are certain foods to stay away from as well, including, but not limited to, alcohol, caffeine, high-protein foods, highly processed foods, processed dairy, corn, sugar, and mayo.

Another way to help gout symptoms is to drink plenty of water. Most people don’t get the recommended daily intake of water and many times the water that they take in is not beneficial to the body either. Whether it is full of chemicals, plastic-polluted, or too acidic it seems that water has many ways it can be better. To really help your body if you’re suffering from gout, drink alkaline water and drink plenty. Water also helps to flush out uric acid and to potentially even ‘melt away’ uric acid deposits. To better your water further, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water in the morning. Apple cider vinegar has been shown to help alkalize the body as well as having a host of other benefits for the body.

Gout is a terrible disease that puts an individual in excruciating pain and takes a toll on the body. Fortunately, it seems that gout can be prevented and potentially even reversed with a change in diet and alkalizing the body. Doing so involves avoiding certain foods and adding other into the diet to create a balanced pH level in the body. The more basic pH in the body helps to eliminate more uric acid from the body. Other changes, including drinking more water, could also help to flush current amounts of uric acid and prevent further gout attacks. This natural way of dealing with your joint pain is also side-effect free and will help you live a better life overall.


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