Top 10 Things You Should Know About What Beets Can Do For You

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You may look at beets and think they are an old-fashioned vegetable. Mostly available on salad bars as a pickled product, beets are making a comeback. Foodies who are always looking for new ways to prepare healthy foods have started roasting beets, which just might make you a fan.

With all the health benefits you could experience from adding beets to your menu, you just might want to head to the market and pick up some of these deep red gems. Originally a source of sugar in the 19th century, beets have evolved into a nutrient-rich vegetable that can affect many aspects of your healthy lifestyle. While they still contain a high sugar content, you would be wise to enjoy them a couple of times a week to reap the benefits they offer.


1. Lower your blood pressure

If you are taking the blood pressure medication hydrochlorothiazide, you may want to check with your doctor about adjusting your dose. It was found that people who consumed about a cup of beet juice every day lowered the systolic number on their blood pressure reading by 8 points. Beets contain nitrates and potassium, which are able to drop blood pressure levels naturally.


2. Raises your energy level

Because athletes rely on carbohydrates to give them the energy to perform, beets have been found to be a good source of extra energy. They are low in calories, and the publication Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise recognized beet juice as being the sports drink preferred by cyclists.


3. Detoxifies your liver

Beets contain glycine betaine and methionine, which work to reduce the build-up of fatty acids. This cuts down the chances of developing a fatty liver. The juice from beets has been found to help stimulate the cells of the liver and help in eliminating the buildup of damaging toxins.

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