Top 10 Wellness Trends of 2015

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8. No More Dieting

Garfield the cat once said “Diet is DIE, with a t” and apparently many Americans agree. Instead of depriving ourselves of food, more people are turning to more balanced, healthy approaches to eating that naturally control weight without cutting out entire food groups or going hungry. Diets simply don’t work and more people are realizing that smart lifestyle choices lead to a happy, healthy life. Here’s to no more diets and plenty of healthy eating in 2015.


9. Bone Broth Hits the Boiling Point

This ancient method of improving your cartilage and immune system is having a renaissance in the modern world. Celebrities are recommending it for improved skin healthy, acupuncturists are touting its benefits for gut health and you will find recipes and praise everywhere for this natural soup in the Paleo world. In fact, bone broth is so hot, some drive through coffee shops are serving bone broth in coffee cups in New York City.


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10.  Time to Raise the Barre

Almost everyone has heard of CrossFit, spinning, and Yoga, but if you have yet to hear about barre, it’s a guarantee that you will before this year is out. This fitness trend takes its name from ballet warm-ups that are done holding onto; you guessed it, a barre. One of the biggest brands, Pure Barre, has locations in 40 states, and other brands such as Xtend Barre and Barre3 are gaining ground.

From the big city to the small suburbs, women everywhere are loving this routine. This is going to be a hot trend for the next several years, so stock up on those grippy socks because you are going to need them.

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