Why Some Foods Fill You Up, While Others Make You Hungrier

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2. Sugar 

Of course, it’s important to distinguish between high fiber and refined sugars found in candy, soft drinks and other unhealthy snack foods. These sugars (as well as sugar substitutes) also cause an insulin spike, followed by a crash. Unlike normal carbs, however, sugar has an almost addictive quality, and you’ll begin to crave more sweets soon afterwards. In fact, some research has shown that sugar has an effect on the brain similar to that of addictive drugs. Sugar has also been definitively linked to obesity. Between all of these qualities, it’s easy to see why there’s an obesity epidemic.


3. MSG

Ever felt hungry again right after a big meal of Chinese takeout? It could be linked to monosodium glutamate, or MSG, a flavor-enhancing additive commonly used in Chinese food, as well as various canned foods and other dishes. One study from Spain showed that MSG could increase feelings of hunger by up to 40 percent! This is thought to be because MSG desensitizes the hypothalamus in the brain to leptin, a hormone which helps promote the feeling of satiety.


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To avoid these unpleasant effects, eat as clean as you can. Focus on fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, natural fats (like those in fish, nuts and olive oil) and low-glycemic-index carbs. If you base most of your diet around these groups, you’ll not only enjoy your food and feel healthy, you’ll actually feel satisfied as well.




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