MBG 10 Signs You Are Not Following Your True Path

Do you feel as if you are stuck in a rut? Do you sometimes feel as though you are on the right path and other days you feel as if you misplaced life’s GPS?

There are a million paths in this life, and whether you believe yours is already mapped out for you or you believe you can make your own road as you go, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that the collective social opinion of “what’s right for you” is something you shouldn’t trust. What is a perfect path for your sibling does not mean it’s perfect for you.

No matter what path you chose to take, no matter what you believe, take the path that feels good to you, right down to your shoelaces. How do you know if you are on your true, chosen path or if you are following someone else’s idea of what’s right for you? Check out this list of the top 10 signs that you are not following your own true path.


1. You have a lot of self-doubt

Although no one goes through life without some self-doubt, but if you find you constantly doubt the things you are doing, you might want to rethink the path that you are on. Good writers don’t show their family their book before they send it to their publisher, not because they doubt what they did was good, but just the opposite. They know they wrote a best seller and they don’t need their families approval to confirm that.


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2. You aren’t enjoying yourself

Ok, so work isn’t always fun, but it shouldn’t feel like a drag to live your life. You shouldn’t be clock watching, or coming back from vacation wondering how many days till your next vacation. When you are following your chosen path, you are happy most of the time. You look forward to whatever the next day will bring and you are loving the ride! Read more how to be happy.


3. It just doesn’t look like what you imagined your life to be

Let’s say you go to a party for a friend who just graduated from nursing school. You feel terribly jealous and start thinking, “I could do that. I could have gone to nursing school.” Then you know you are on the wrong path.


4. You are always asking for, and taking, advice from others

If you don’t feel confident about your path you will be constantly looking for reassurance and asking for advice from others. Not only that but you will take that advice in hopes it’s going to make you happy or confirm that you are on your chosen path. You aren’t doing the things you want to do, but you are doing the things your friends, family, or others say you should be doing. That’s their path, not yours, isn’t it?


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5. You think you are terribly unlucky

When you start having more of those thoughts like, “ I could have but”, “ I would have but”, and you constantly tell people that you just weren’t lucky enough to do or go to “X”, then you know you are on the wrong path.


6. You are your own worst enemy

If you find yourself over-eating, over-drinking, over-shopping, or just about any self-destructive over-anything, then you know you are off your true path. Everyone has a weakness that they turn to during times of stress ( hot fudge sundae anyone?) but if you find you are constantly turning to that weakness for comfort, then something is out of balance in your life.


7.  You suffer from a physical disease

You can always rely on your body to tell you when things are out of whack. Ideally, it would be great if you could wake up to your thoughts and emotions before they affect your body but that doesn’t always happen. So if stress and unhappiness takes its toll on your body, it’s time to ask yourself some hard questions.


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8. You fear the future

If you are constantly worried about not having enough money, that your spouse may leave you, that you won’t get that promotion, then you are probably off course; or at least on your way there. Don’t forget how the great law of attraction works; fear attracts more fear. Instead, try positive affirmations. Take all the action and steps that you can to avoid the reality that you fear (spend quality time with your spouse, work out a budget) then surrender yourself to the things you can’t control.


9. Your home is a wreck

It’s been said that your home is a reflection of your mind. Add to that “it’s also a reflection of your life.” Take a look around, what do you see? Is it a disaster no one cares about? Or is it so tightly controlled and neat that you are afraid to use it? Your home tells you a lot about yourself. What does yours say about you?


10. You lack synchronicity

Isn’t life great when everything flows like melted butter? When you are in synch with your true life path, the universe flows with you and sends you all the good things in life. When you are out of synch with your life, the energy just stops cold. Do you often feel as if you are fighting every little thing? If so, rethink what you are doing and where you are going.