7 Amazing Foods that Do Wonderful Things for Your Digestion

jar and measuring tablespoon of ghee - clarified butter on grung

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4. Ghee

If you have never heard of this, don’t fret. It’s not some exotic fruit from another country; ghee is simply butter with most of the sugar, lactose, and milk fats removed from it. Ghee won’t go bad when left out at room temperature like butter can. It will keep its original flavor for up to a year.

The reason most other oils or fats give you that heavy, slow feeling in your gut is that they actually slow down the digestive process. Ghee, however, does the opposite.

It will stimulate your digestive system by encouraging the acids in your stomach to break down the foods you eat.

You can find organic ghee at most health food stores but it’s also fairly easy to make it yourself using organic, cultured, unsalted butter.

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