Increase Dopamine Levels Naturally and Beat Depression Without Pills

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8. Keep a Regular Schedule

OK, maybe this doesn’t sound like fun, but it’s vital for your health. Make a regular routine that includes work, play, and at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Be sure to add in time to get exercise. Under sleeping, over sleeping and/or a lack of exercise can literally be a brain drain. Prioritize your schedule so that you can fit everything in, including time for fun and relaxation. This is just as important as exercise or sleep. Which will bring us to our next point…


9. Decrease Your Stress Levels

Those who are suffering from high stress often have low levels of dopamine. Occasionally stress can be caused by poor adrenal function, but for most people, it’s the stress of everyday life that kicks our butts. Although you can’t remove all stress, most of us can find ways to limit our stress or find ways to deal with it. Chronic, unrelenting stress is absolutely deadly to your health, so be sure you deal with it in whatever way is necessary; whether it’s cutting back on activities, changing jobs, removing toxic people from your life, and taking up mediation. Do what works for you, but be sure that you do something.


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10.  Take Vitamins and Supplements

Unless you know that you are eating a super healthy diet, you are more than likely lacking in some of the important minerals and vitamins your body needs to work at its absolute best.  Buy some high quality multivitamins with minerals to be sure that your supply of the key nutrients that your body needs is ample enough so that your brain can produce dopamine. Be aware of toxins in your vitamins and supplements.


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