The Incredible Healing Powers Of Turmeric

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If you’ve spent any time on the Internet lately, you’ve probably heard about turmeric. The herb is causing quite a stir online and in medical circles. Best known for its ability to heal, turmeric is packed with antioxidants and also has strong anti-aging properties. The spice belongs to the same family as ginger root and is well known through India. In fact, turmeric is a common spice used in cooking. Ancient cultures have long revered turmeric for its qualities that range from preventing cancer to helping with the common cold.

If you’ve ever seen turmeric, you know that is has a rich color, almost like gold. This color is the result of a component called curcumin.

Turmeric has a wealth of nutrients and health benefits. In fact, some people have called this one of the most powerful substances ever known to man. So how do you get the most out of using turmeric?


Using Turmeric

There is a nearly endless list of nutrients found within turmeric including vitamins, mineral, antioxidants, and even fiber. You can’t overdose on turmeric either. Even in large amounts, you won’t experience any horrible effects or nausea. You should be aware that if you’re not used to taking turmeric, you may experience some stomach discomfort, but that doesn’t happen to everyone. If you do have discomfort, take smaller amounts until you find the right dosage.

One thing about turmeric is that it doesn’t readily absorb after it is consumed, but your metabolism will burn through it quickly, so that means it is used up by the body before some of the larger benefits can be utilized. There are some ways to help your body absorb turmeric.

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Incredible Healing Powers Revealed

Turmeric is one of the most advanced healing herbs on the planet. It has been known to fight and even prevent the development of cancer. It achieves this through blocking enzymes and encouraging free radicals. Turmeric is also good for your mental health. Not only does it improve function, but it has also been known to ward off diseases like dementia.

If you’re at risk for diabetes, turmeric can be used to control or reverse the symptoms. You can even use it if you have joint pain or pain in general. Since turmeric has anti-inflammatory characteristics, it can reduce the pain in your limbs and joints.

But that isn’t all! The list of benefits gained from turmeric is long and covers a lot of health concerns including:

  • Digestion and bowel issues – studies have shown that turmeric reduces tension and inflammation in the bowel, and can treat gastric conditions.
  • Detox – can clean your body by improving circulation
  • Weight Issues – helps to control and maintain a healthy body weight
  • Heart Health – improves circulation and promotes a healthy heart
  • Immune System – boosts your immune system through antioxidants

Turmeric can even have a profound effect on your mental health and has been shown to improve focus and sharpen your mental ability. It can also improve your mood and promote a more stable mood.

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How to Use Turmeric

The best way to get the most out of turmeric is to start adding it to your normal, daily intake. You can add turmeric to your cooking, and that is probably one of the easiest and most common ways to ingest the substance, especially if you want to make it part of your daily routine.

The best thing about turmeric is that you don’t need a lot to get the job done. In fact, most sources suggest you take anywhere between from a quarter to a half of a teaspoon. That’s it! That’s all you need to add the powerful antioxidant effects to your day. You can put it in your dinner — if you like Asian or Indian food, it will mix well — but it also makes a great addition to yogurt or smoothies. Soups are especially fantastic when you add turmeric.

Of course, you may also be able to find it in the form of a capsule. Check your local supplement store, it should be available there, and if you can’t find it in a local store, you can certainly buy some from an online vendor. It is advised that you take raw turmeric and avoid any sort of altered form. Raw is the best way to get the most out of the herb. It is also the most effective.

When cooking, try pairing with other flavorful ingredients. When paired, turmeric can turn into a savory flavor that adds to any dish. It can be very good in soup and when used as a dry rub for meats.


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Not only is turmeric good for you, it is inexpensive and widely available. That makes it easy to add into your daily routine. So what are you waiting for? Check your local supplement store or grocery store, and start adding turmeric into your diet today. You should start seeing results within the first week.



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  1. Glen

    Sep 12, 2016 at 11:12 am

    you forgot to mention that curcumin, which is the beneficial ingredient in turmeric, needs a catalysts. just like fat soluble vitamins need fat to be absorbed and water soluble vitamins need water to be absorbed.