Top 5 Spices That Can Stop Your Sweet Tooth

Fresh Ginger Root

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Everyone knows that eating large amounts of sweets is not good for you. Sugar wreaks all kinds of havoc on the body, not to mention the obesity issue, which causes its own health problems. Eating lots of sugar literally throws the body’s ability to regulate sugar seriously out of whack. Don’t forget about tooth cavities, as well as increasing the risk for diabetes. Sugar is like a drug to the body and the more you eat, the more you want. This makes breaking the sugar habit very difficult.

Take a look at our list of herbs and spices that can help to satisfy that craving for sweetness without causing your body further damage or causing you to crave more sugar.


1. Ginger

This might seem like a strange herb to be on this list because it isn’t at all sweet tasting, but it’s known for being able to cut sugar cravings. It’s spicy tasting with an undertone that will remind you of sweet, so if you pair it with another spice on this list, such as cinnamon, it will work perfectly to help stop your craving. This is the perfect spice for baking! Not only will ginger help stop that sweet tooth but it will soothe your tummy at the same time. See 10 amazing ginger benefits.


2. Fenugreek

Not as well-known as some other spices, but this is one that anyone with a sweet tooth should pay close attention to. It smells something like burnt maple syrup and has a delectable maple taste. Fenugreek is a terrific way to satisfy you when that sugar bug bites you. Besides tasting sweet, fenugreek has been shown to lower the blood sugar levels in people who eat it on a regular basis.

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