10 Easy Changes to Your Meals to Lose Weight

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Like many things in life, when you want to lose weight, it’s the little things that count. Little changes can add up to make huge difference. When most people think “diet” they immediately picture deprivation, huge weight lifting machines, and other radical revamping of their lives. But if you really want to lose weight faster, and keep it off, then research shows that you will do better if you make small changes rather than a major overhaul all at once.

A recent study showed that people who made very small adjustments to their eating habits had no problem sticking to their routine and they were more successful at losing weight than those who didn’t use the tips given. Check out our list of 10 small changes you can make that will help you lose weight quickly and keep it off.


1. Snack on yogurt

Harvard University recently announced that their studies show that yogurt was one of the top weight loss promoting foods. It is high in protein, which will help you feel full for a longer period of time.

Try plain, low-fat, or non-fat yogurt and skip all the sugar. Add some fresh fruit or nuts for a delicious treat. The probiotics in yogurt are good for entire digestive system as well as being helpful when it comes to losing weight. Look for a yogurt labeled with the words “live and active cultures”.

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2. Enjoy treats (in moderation)

No food is “bad” and needs to be banished forever, although some of them do need to be eaten in moderation.

When you drastically limit your diet it’s not only unsustainable, but you might find that, one day, you binge on that same food out of frustration. So if you want a treat, go ahead, just keep it under 150 calories.

Try an ounce of dark chocolate, a half cup of ice cream, even some wine. That’s a habit everyone can agree on! Read more about healthy snacks.

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3. Eat breakfast

Dozens of research studies who that dieters who eat breakfast lose more weight and keep it off than those who skip this meal.

You can also try eating the same breakfast several days in a row.

Research shows that eating the same meals can help people lose weight, although the reason for this isn’t exactly known. 

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4. Downsize your dinner plate

Even though some people tend to pooh pooh this, research has shown again and again that people eat less when they use smaller plates.

This is probably because our eyes are fooled into thinking we are eating more because our plate is so full and the portions look bigger.

Try eating on salad plates instead of larger dinner plates.

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5. Trade up the fork

This might sound counterintuitive, but again, research shows that when we use larger forks and take bigger bites, we eat less.

It appears that when you see the large dents you have made in the food your mind seems to think you’ve had enough to eat.

You can also try eating with your non-dominant hand. This will help to slow down your eating and you should consume less.

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6. Display your produce proudly

That old familiar phrase of “out of sight, out of mind”? It’s true. So don’t hide those fruits and veggies away in the kitchen!

Bring out those fruits and veggies and put them where you will be sure to see them. Put fruits like oranges, apples, and bananas in a bowl and place it on the kitchen table. You might also want to put a smaller bowl on the coffee table in front of the television. You will be much more likely to eat fruits and veggies if they are easily available for snacking.

Google tried moving their fruit bowls to the very front of their cafeteria. In one month, employees consumption of fruit increased by two thirds. Be sure to wash and slice celery, peppers, carrots, and other fruits and keep them in plastic baggies for instant “to go” snacks.

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7. Drink more water

Of course, you’ve heard this a hundred times before but it’s true.

Drinking water not only helps to hydrate you, but to keep you full. Try drinking just an 8 ounce glass of water about 20 to 30 minutes before you eat.

You will eat less and keep your body hydrated at the same time. Find out why you should load up on water.

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8. Shut down the kitchen at a certain hour

Set a firm time when you will stop eating and “close the kitchen” for the night to try to prevent those late night raids on the fridge.

Have a cup of green tea or a cup of yogurt if you want something sweet after dinner, but then close up the kitchen for the night so you won’t grab that box of crackers or bag of chips and mindless munch in front of the TV.

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9. Take control

Stock pile your kitchen cabinets with health foods and snacks.

Make individual baggies of things like nuts so you can grab one and stash it in your purse or pocket for snacking later. This can help you avoid stopping for junk food when you are hungry.

Keep some hard boiled eggs in the fridge. When you eat out, get a half portion or ask the waiter to put half your meal in to go package before it ever reaches you. These are little steps, but they add up to a huge difference.

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10. Think protein

Have a little protein at every single meal and snack.

Protein will help to keep you from being hungry.

Try some yogurt with a sprinkle of nuts, or apple slices with some nut butter. Put eggs or chicken in your salad. Try to eat just a small amount every 3 hours to keep you from being hungry and to keep that metabolism fire burning high.




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