This One Food Causes Brain Damage And Breast Cancer – Stop Eating This Today!


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Children and infants are particularly at risk because their bodies are still developing. One study, published in the Lancet, found that daily consumption of estrogen-mimicking soy, such as soy based formula, had blood concentration levels of estrogen that were six to 11 times greater than adults who consumed soy. This means that infants that are fed exclusively soy based formulas are consuming the estrogen equivalent of five birth control pills each day!

Soy beans are known to be high in natural toxins. These enzyme inhibitors are not completely destroyed during cooking. This results in chronic deficiencies of amino acids, which can lead to cancer or pancreatic problems.

Soy beans also contain a compound called hemagglutinins, which cause the red blood cells to clot. Although this compound is somewhat reduced during cooking, it is not completely removed.

Soy beans are also known to contain goitrogens, which often leads to a lower thyroid function.

More than 90 percent of all soy and soy products sold in America come from GM plants, which means you are consuming untold amounts of pesticides with that “healthy” soy.

If you love soy, there are a few options left to you:

1. Soy Sauce – Look for the real deal, not soy ‘flavored’ sauces. Reduced sodium soy sauce is usually your best choice.

2. Natto – This is a fermented soy bean product that tastes something like cheese. You can find this at any Asian grocery store. It should be imported, so be certain you are avoiding GM soy beans.

3. Miso – This is another fermented soy bean product that has a taste similar to salted butter. You usually find this sold as miso soup.

4. Tempeh – Another fermented soy product that tastes like mushrooms but is sold in a “cake” type form. Again, look for imported brands to avoid GM soy beans.

Unfortunately, the most popular soy products, such as soy milk, soy cheese, soy energy bars, and those infamous soy “burgers” are not health foods.


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Stick with imported brands of the above types of soy foods to avoid serious damage to your health. The best foods are unprocessed, fermented, and/or fresh. When you stick with those basics, you know you are on the healthy eating track.


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