Top 10 Things Healthy People Do Before Going to Work

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Want to say “Good Morning!”, and really mean it?  You can do it. Seriously. When you start off the day right, you significantly increase your chances of having a truly great day.

It’s a well-known fact that some of the most accomplished people on earth have been early risers. It’s so much more than getting up early; however, it’s what you do with that time that counts.

Before we continue, you should note that getting up earlier does NOT come at the expense of your much needed sleep. If you need to go to bed earlier to do these things, then so be it.

Knowing how to use your early morning time will have a positive as well as productive outcome. So read on about the top 10 habits that healthy and successful people employ.


1. Prepare

This is something you should actually do the night before. Remove the clutter of the day from both the countertops and your mind. Clean up your to do list. Think about what you want to wear the following day. Preparing yourself for tomorrow the night before will allow you to relax and not have those worries that you may not have enough time to accomplish something the next morning.

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2. The Early Bird

Getting up earlier is better. Whatever your regular time, try to get up even earlier, even if it’s just 10 or 15 minutes. If you can manage 30 minutes, so much the better.

Although everyone knows you can’t buy time, but you can always give yourself the gift of time.

Rushing through your morning really sets the wrong mood for the day.

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3. Take Your Time Waking Up

Did you know that while you are sleeping your brain is actually very active processing the events from the previous day?

So when you first wake up in the morning and you feel as if your brain is half asleep, it’s in this relaxed state that it often comes up with very creative solutions to problems.

Don’t jump out of bed, lie back for a few minutes and see what you come up with.

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4.  Drink warm water with lemon

Hydration is always a good thing, so warm up some water, and then add some lemon to it.

This will jump start your digestion and get your started on the right track towards making healthy decisions.

Find out 10 top reasons to drink lemon with warm water.

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5.  Get Physical

Doing your workout first thing in the morning will give you a burst of energy that will last most of the day.

Do whatever works for you, walking on the treadmill, using a workout DVD in your living room, or hitting the gym, but this is one thing you really need to make a habit.

People who exercise regularly have a positive outlook on their day as well as increased self-esteem from looking so great! See how to lower back pain by sport.

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6.  Take Time to Think

Since mornings are generally the only quiet time of the day, this might be your only chance to think about all the things that are going on in your life.

Perhaps this would be a good time to think about your day, what you have planned, or to think about upcoming projects or problems.

Don’t be too surprised when you discover that, during this quiet time, you have breakthroughs concerning problems or ideas that will be later be considered nothing short of genius!

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7. Check Out the To Do List

Ok, you’re grimacing at just the thought of looking at your to do list first thing in the morning, but what you really want to do here is to make your to do list become more efficient for you.

Take a look at that list and choose one task for each day of the week, assigning it to a time when it’s most likely to be accomplished. Put them in order, things you will do before work, (or before noon), things you will do during lunch, after work, etc. Delegate the tasks you can (maybe hubby can pick up the dry cleaning?) and try to be realistic about timeframes. (Such as, allowing yourself only 15 minutes for a hair appointment? NOT do-able)

By doing this, you will make that to do list seem much more manageable, rather than continually looking at a list that has 25 things to do and keeps growing every day.

You should also think about scheduling some “me” time, and take it just as seriously as the other items on your list. You are just as important as anything else on your list.

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8.  Eat Breakfast (and pack lunch!)

Everyone knows you need to eat a good, healthy breakfast to give your brain the food it needs to work its best. Also, hungry people are crabby people, so do yourself and your co-workers a favor by eating a healthy breakfast.

While you’re at it, pack yourself a health lunch.  Besides saving money, you will ensure that you will eat a healthy lunch and keep yourself away from the vending machines. Read more about healthy snacks that should be on hand.

In fact you might want to think about what lunches you want to make during the week, the ingredients you will need, and add those ingredients to your shopping list.

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9. Focus Your Thoughts on Today

Plan your day by visualizing the wonderfully, fantastic day you are going to have.

Don’t carry on any stresses, anger, or resentment from the day before.

You can’t change what happened yesterday, so focus on today.

If you feel you need to make an apology, plan on doing it as early as possible, or if you need to have a serious discussion, visualize it happening effectively, with a positive outcome.

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10. Be Grateful for You

Before you walk out the door, take one last look at yourself in the mirror and pick out one thing, just one thing, which you really like about yourself.

Remind yourself that the body you have is more than just something for others to look at and admire, it’s an amazing machine that allows you to do everything you wish; jump, sing, run, and hug.

Be grateful for it and smile.